Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Back to the old routine - sort of!

After a bright sunny start to 2013 (where I managed to get some washing dried outside! YAY!) true to form, by today it was drizzly and dull again.  The Christmas tree is still up - which isn't usual in this house - whatever tradition dictates, as far as I'm concerned, once it's a New Year, Christmas has gone and it's onwards.  I think it's probably psychological, I know that once the tree is down, I have to start the spring cleaning.  Was there ever a better excuse not to clean than Christmas decorations?  I don't think so.

So it doesn't feel Christmassy anymore, despite the tree and cards.  Everything is open and running, the kids will be back in school in five more days.  The cleaning can wait until then.

So - 2013 goal setting isn't coming on in leaps and bounds but more of a light mincing.  My goals are sashaying down the street that is my life.  Think Alan Carr.

Goal number 1.  Walk more.  I don't like the gym.  I don't like structured exercise.  I like walking.  What I don't like however, is rain.  I live in Wales.  It's not looking good.  Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

Goal number 2.  Stop food waste.  So, dear readers, for tomorrow I am looking for a recipe that will use up, sprouts (about a kilo of), parsnips, mushrooms, a pot of double cream, half a pot of natural yogurt and two mince pies.  It's not looking... appealing from where I'm standing.  But I will do it.

Goal number 3.  Use it up.  I think everyone has, at one point received the story via email about never saving something for a special occasion.  Sometimes it was lingerie, sometimes it was a dress saved for best, and it turns out the owner of the clothing in question was dead and was wearing it - for best - to her own funeral.  All these things we have, we can only use in the here and now.  Why am I balking at using £50 face cream on a normal day - I won it, I didn't even have to pay for it - isn't every day 'normal' for me?  When should I use it?  On the odd day that I live a celebrity lifestyle?   When having lunch with Cheryl Cole?

Goal number 4.  Cook the books.  Not as fraudulent as it may first sound.  The last time I counted I had over 100 cookbooks.  It's probably closer to 110 now.  The amount of recipes I cooked from them last year was around three.  Sometimes too much choice is overwhelming for me.  Life would be a lot simpler with two cookbooks, one search engine, one social network...

Goal number 5.  Spend more time with my friends.  Despite being a great year, 2012 was very poor for socialising with friends.  When we first got back in touch a few years ago, my school girlfriends and I started off well, meeting up a couple of times a year, then it went to Christmas, and we haven't even managed that the last two years.  My circle of friends at home, I think we got together twice last year.  It's not good enough.

Goal number 6.  Decide what I want to be when I grow up.

Goal number 7.  Grow up.  This one I'm having the most trouble with.  I read a really interesting article today, called 28 Powerful Questions for a Happy Life.  Specifically question 5.  How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?  Physically, about 50.  Mentally, about 15.  Somehow I need to reign them both in and get them closer to my real age of 29 *cough* *liar*.

And that's where I'm up to, up to now.  Any of my friends want to come around tomorrow for Brussells Sprout soup?  Any advance on 'No'?


  1. I am loving these! I so need to sit down and write out my "goals" for the year. I don't like resolutions since they are usually random wishes without the structor to achieve them. You have inspired me ( kicked me in my butt) to sit down and write them out:)

    Thank so much the visit and for sharing at Freedom Fridays Blog Hop.
    I am now following via GFC.

    So hoping to see you at Let's Get Social Sunday (goes live at 6am est)!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Evelyn, and for following also!

      Definitely they need to be written out be it on paper or online, and then break them down smaller. I'm just about to post what happened with Goal number 2 a couple of days ago - it helps to be accountable to someone, even if it is to my blog readers who won't scold me!

      Definitely I'll be there at some point, I need to get up on my time zone differences though ;-)

  2. Great goals! I think I like number 6 the best. I'm definitely in that same boat!
    Katie from Dysfunctions Junction

    1. Lol Katie, I somehow have a feeling that if I'm still struggling with number 6 when I'm nearly 37... it's not looking too promising for resolving it within a year >.<

      M x

  3. It's time for me to update my goals for 2013. Thanks for posting this because it reminded me!
    Im now following you back.

    1. Hi :-)

      I'll look forward to reading them soon then!

      Thanks for following me

      M x


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