Thursday, 15 November 2012

Recipe - Blackened Pork (or Chicken)

I'm posting this recipe as I promised it to someone, and just as it so happens my husband had requested it for tea tonight, so I thought I'd take some pictures as I went along. Apologies for the pictures though, my camera isn't the greatest and I'm not the best behind the lens (nor in front of it for that matter...!)

This is one of our favourite meals, and we usually do make it with chicken, but I had pork steaks to hand tonight.  It works just as well. 

4 chicken breasts or pork steaks, fat trimmed
Extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp Paprika
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper
½ tsp ground Cumin
½ tsp dried Mixed Herbs
¼ tsp ground white Pepper
¼ tsp Onion or Garlic Powder

Mix all the dried ingredients together in a little pot

Sprinkle on the meat and leave for about 15 minutes

Heat a griddle pan with a liberal splash of oil until smoking hot.

Place in the meat, spice side down, and cook on full heat for 4 - 5 minutes

Turn over and cook on the other side for 4 - 5 minutes

Apologies for the splattered cooker, it's not normally this dirty, but this baby gets fierce! Wear an apron!


 My Blackened Pork, served with Mushroom rice, salad, tortillas, hot salsa and yogurt and mint dip.

When I make it with chicken, in addition to the cooking on both sides, I then put it on a baking tray in the oven for about 10 minutes. 

When making this, your kitchen will get really smoky, so if you have an extractor fan make sure it's on, and also open the kitchen window if possible.

I love it, because it's the only meal we have that I can justifiably burn!


  1. I should add as a PS - I use a good heaped teaspoon of Cayenne pepper, because we like spicy food - so do two of our children, but if you're not a fan, only use half a teaspoon of Cayenne and just add a touch more of the Paprika, Onion/garlic, Cumin and Herbs to make up the shortfall.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Kelly! It's really tasty :-)

      M x

  3. Oooh this sounds really nice!I have to be honest and say I haven't heard of some of the ingredients, but it's all a good learning curve!! Thank you very much for linking up :) x

  4. Wow this looks so good! Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking up for Friendly Friday! I can't wait to follow along with your blog! You are so lucky you're from the UK! That's my dream <3 xoxo Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you Heather, that's really kind of you :-)
      Hang on, you live in Florida, and you want to live in the UK? You do know we never have sun here, and it always rains, don't you? :-) Have a great weekend too, whatever you're doing

      M x


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