Friday, 23 November 2012

November 23rd is...

...going to be a day of madness.  First of all, my husband has to have his stitches out from his hand and his shoulder.  Then my 9 year old son has to have dental work done on his front tooth (he fell at school two weeks ago and chipped his adult front tooth diagonally, losing I'd estimate, half the tooth).  I then have to work on the 'Baking for Brownies'.  Still don't know what I'm making yet.  That helps, I guess, knowing what you're baking.  Meh.

Hopefully the weather will be better today than yesterday, which caused a lot of destruction and inconvenience to a lot of people locally yesterday.  Up to 70 mph winds, floods, people stranded on the main route in to the area, children stranded at schools.  I'm lucky that it didn't impact on my life apart from the soakings I received on the school run (only a 5 minute walk but it feels like an hour in torrential rain!)

The A55

I hope all my U.S readers had a lovely Thanksgiving and enjoy your Black Friday whatever you choose to do - be it a mad shopping spree, or a relaxing day.  My day's going to be madness so if I had a choice, I'd plump for the relaxation!

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