Sunday, 11 November 2012

Oh Liz Jones... tsk.

I woke up in a rather zombiefied state this morning to find a Twitter furore surrounding the Daily Mail's Liz Jones (quelle surprise).  Makes a change from that awful blonde woman (the beautiful one that my husband would thrust flowers at in the street and want to leave me for if he ever clapped eyes on her).

I'm not a 'Mummy Blogger' specifically, I'm not an anything blogger.  I'm a crap one if the truth be known.  I'm inconsistent.  I'm boring.  But I do it for me.  It's a little self indulgence of mine, I'm not harming anybody. You can read it, or don't read it.  Makes no difference to me. However, I did take umbrage with Ms Jones' article, both for myself, and on behalf of the Mum Bloggers.

I'm aware, like many other internet sites, that people use Mumsnet forums probably as a social network of sorts, like they will do on any other site, competition sites, diet sites, gaming sites.  I personally don't,  Liz hints that it's 'bitchy and competitive' - isn't any site capable of being that? Isn't any situation capable of being that when people get together, in any capacity?

Ms Jones slates women, who are making a living from blogging by carrying advertising on their sites.  These women are described by her having a holiday on their year long maternity leave (A HOLIDAY, yes, I kid you not, a holiday).  What would she sooner they do, roll over and die?  If the money is there to be made, and someone's willing to pay, what is the problem exactly with these Bloggers being 'paid' for what they write?  Someone's paying her for the tripe she consistently rolls out!  Her life, and her Prada bowling bag are of no interest to me.  That has nothing to do with me being a Mum and her not.  I'd sooner hear about someone's sleepless night through a child because I can empathise, or coo over their baby because I remember how proud I was of mine, or have advice from other Mums with Autistic children, or even be in the position to give advice to them back because I've raised two ASD kids for 10 years, or be in awe over a picture of a wonderful cake and be inspired to bake it myself.  I post pictures of cakes I make, does it occur to Liz that the woman who posts pics of cakes she'll bake on demand, might be trying to earn herself a little bit of money?  Maybe, to put towards a bloody Prada bowling bag of her own?

I'm not going to bother linking to the original article and feed the traffic to her bile, but this is the brilliant response from one of the Bloggers named in the article, Cambridge Mummy.  You can find a link to Liz Jones' narrowminded rant on there, if you want...

A lot of mums at home, especially those who have worked, may feel pretty isolated when finding themselves at home. There's nothing wrong with finding a network of like minded people, there's nothing wrong with having something for you, when every other minute of your day is spent putting someone else's needs above your own, in my case, five other people.  There's nothing wrong with keeping your brain active, or is it better that I sit down and watch an hour of Jeremy Kyle, than write a blog post that she'll never read?  It doesn't need Liz Jones's derision nor generalisation. 

Oh this one was brilliant too...

Prada bowling bag.  Fuckwit.


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