Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Raindrops and Roses, and Meerkats and Boners...

I've had to post about this while it's still fresh.  Countless exchanges like this happen in my home, madness fuelled by autism, and although I vow I'll never forget and be able to quote it word for word, I always forget.

So, today, Ryan came home from school after being on a school trip to a local butterfly farm.  They also have meerkats.  He burst through the door and after I asked if he'd had a nice time, if he'd seen the meerkats, he sat down and announced

'I know what a boner is.'

I looked at Mr G and he at me.  Looks of abject horror on our faces.

Ryan - There's this boy called 'shall remain unnamed' and when the meerkat came out, he had a boner.
Me - The meerkat?
Ryan - No, 'shall remain unnamed' did.
Me - Oh my God.  Poor boy. Something like this could haunt him his whole school life.  He'll be known as Meerkat Boner Boy or something.  Were people taking the mick out of him?
Ryan - Yep. 
Me - I hope you weren't.  Poor boy.
Ryan - I was singing Michael Jackson parodies *bursts into song* 'Cos this is Bonerrrrrr, Boner night'.  Oh and 'Do you want to have a Boner? It doesn't have to be a Boner' from Frozen.
Me - Ryan! 
Mr G - *sweating from trying not to laugh*
Caitlin - *drops to the floor*
Me - You make sure you apologise to that boy tomorrow.


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