Friday, 30 October 2015

Crap Friday

What a crap day.  The optician phoned, our new glasses were ready, and I needed further tests to ascertain if I had Glaucoma.  So, off we toddled.  I had my eyes scanned, and when Helen took me through to the room, she tested my eyes again, and told me that the scan showed I had thick corneas, which meant that I could feasibly have a higher 'score' than normal.  But even deducting my bonus thick-corneal '5' from my score still left my eyes at 23 and 24, which... meh.  Not looking good.  So I have to have more tests at the end of November.  I suppose the good thing is, that it's been caught early, and it's treatable with eyedrops.  Even though eyedrops make me vomit... 

Then, on the way back to the car park, where we'd had to park on the roof level, and both lifts were broken, I knocked my big toe nail on a concrete step and ripped it half way off.  It's half on, half off, about two thirds of the way down my toe...

Then, on the way home we called in Asda.  And my debit card got declined.  For the first time in my life, my card was declined.  I tried it again, and it was declined again.  Thankfully had a credit card with me to spare my blushes.  With twenty minutes before the bank closed, we dashed back into town, to my bank branch to find out that it was a problem their end and everyone's cards were being affected nationwide. 

I also ordered 10 kg of plasticine for my son for Christmas.  Yes, ten kilograms of plasticine.  What was I thinking?

Add chronic back pain to my day, and there you have it.  I am feeling very, very sorry for myself indeed.  If anyone wants me, I'll be in bed, wallowing in self pity. 

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