Monday, 12 October 2015

My weekend with Shelly - Aka The Hangover Part 4

I have had a wonderful weekend with my friend Shelly, my feet are killing me, my head is pounding and I've been dragged out of my comfort zone (living room) kicking and screaming.  But this weekend was all about Shelly, her weekend, her trip down memory lane, for the first time since 1992. She's off abroad in December for a year and may choose to stay so it could be a once in a lifetime, never to be repeated weekend.

Dying a complete death after I totalled a box of Rose wine and she a small bottle of JD on Friday night after she arrived, by the time we both came to (and I mean that in the loosest sense of the word...) it was after 12.  Road trip!  First we went to Amlwch to try and find where her Nana was buried, we looked for about an hour but couldn't find her.  We're going to make enquiries with the church and council as to where she is and I've promised to take flowers on her behalf when we do.  Then we went on to Bull Bay, to the farm she used to live.

Windswept Selfie in Bull Bay

We then drove to Benllech and had a stroll on the beach, which was still very busy despite being firmly out of season.

Next on the list was Bangor, we were both starving, so we decided we'd get a spot of lunch and see how much it had changed since she was last there.  Which was a lot!


We saw people walking up a little alleyway between shops and followed them, and found this little place, Blue Sky Cafe. I'd heard about it, but never knew where it was. We found a table and ordered the homemade burgers.


The food was to die for, the burger was obviously good quality meat, and the salad was big and had all manner in it.  Chips were nice too, could have done with a few more, but it filled a gap.  Only quibble was that it took a long time for our food to arrive, about three quarters of an hour.  It probably felt worse because neither of us had eaten, were gravely hungover and close to collapse.  But if we wanted fast food, we had walked past Burger King.  Lovely atmosphere in there too, I plan to take Mr G one day, he loves a good burger does Mr G.

Later, we met my eldest son in town, and we had a few drinks.  By that, I mean, I went for drinks with a Manc and a half-Manc student.  These guys are seasoned, let me tell you.  Apparently you can't just get a drink... oh no.  They come in twos.  Therefore, I had my first Jager Bombs (spelling?) and I also had my first Sambucas?  I was completely mullered and ready for bed at half 11, but they weren't done, and so my son, and my old bff went into Bangor, clubbing.  Yes.  Yes they did.  I'm more of a Horlicks, pipe and slippers gal, obviously.  Ok, not the pipe but, you get what I mean ;-)  There are pictures of the night out, and no, you will never see them :-)

Shell leaves for sunnier climes in December and so in November, Mr G and I are going to Manchester for the day to see her and meet up with her Dad, Sam, who I haven't seen since 1995, and I am so looking forward to that too.  He was such a huge influence and help to me at a time in my life that I was really struggling, unhappy and lonely, and I owe him a great deal that I'll probably never be able to repay, nevertheless, I can't wait to see him again.  I think I'm going to put this on my 40 before 40 list (click here if you want to see my progress), reconnect with some people that I've lost touch with or just gone a bit quiet with.  Sometimes we don't try hard enough with our friendships, and I'm guilty of that at times.

It all feels a bit flat today, I love having people to stay but I'm normally happy to see the back of them after a couple of nights (no offence) and get my house straight and back to a routine, but I really feel that I could have done with a few more days with Shelly, especially knowing that she's not going to be around for the foreseeable?  Still, it was one wild weekend, I don't think I could make a regular habit of it, and we had lots of laughs and created lots of nice new memories :-)  So, by tomorrow, when the tiredness and melancholy has (hopefully!) lifted, I'm coming out fighting again.  Working on things on my 40/40 list, doing some more prep on my NaNoWriMo... basically anything that doesn't resemble housework...

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