Saturday, 5 September 2015

Three Down, One to Go...

The day after we arrived back from camping, Adam was back in school, starting Year 5.  He was a tad nervous about it, badgering his brother and sister as to what work he'd be doing, and whether it would be too hard for him.  In the end I had to tell him that he was only going to Year 5 not doing a Masters Degree and that the work would be age appropriate.  I've never known a child stress so much about school.  

The next day was Ryan's first day in Secondary school.  As they dressed and ate breakfast, I gave my Facebook feed a cursory swipe and noted all the proud parents posting pictures of their offspring.  Mum and Dad came up to take some pics themselves.  And this is how it went...

Ryan has farted.  He knows, but nobody else does. Yet.  Look at his face.

Caitlin has noticed.  Her eyes dart down to her minging little brother.  Looking mightily pleased with himself, isn't he?

Caitlin's face conveys 'Mum, please God hurry up with the pictures!'  By this point, everyone in the room is choking...

And we had to open the windows and vacate the room!

Everything seems to have gone well, no disasters, Ryan has made friends, Adam is pleased with the new school lunch menu (lol) and Caitlin's teachers haven't commented on the fact that she's come back to school with navy blue hair and a nose piercing!  So, all good!

Just Daniel left now to start Uni.  Sadly his Grandfather passed away so he is in Manchester with his family there. I'm non the wiser as to what he has to take to his halls, and what is provided, although what they charge per room per week, they should be feeding these students too! It costs about £20 less a week to rent my four bedroomed house!  I've hit B and M and bought him some bedding, a duvet, pillows, and I've started a food box.  By that I mean noodles.  We'll just have to wing it, at the end of the day it's not like he hasn't got a home and bed three miles away!  

Tomorrow we're back down the A55 to Wrexham to watch Crusaders last home game against York.  Crucial game in keeping their play off hopes alive.  Up to now my sister in law and husband are coming from Wigan to see the game too. Early bird Season tickets are on sale tomorrow too, so I might pack my credit card ;-) 

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