Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Lunch out with Mr G - Lord Nelson, Bangor

Today marks ten years since my mother in law passed away, and it doesn't seem like yesterday.  One thing sticks in my mind, one specific conversation that I will always be glad that I had with Rita.  She was a worrier, especially when it came to her children.  One day when she phoned up, she went through her worries about her daughters, and at the end she said 'I don't have to worry about Stephen any more, I know you're looking after him.'

Wow.  There is no bigger compliment that a mother in law can give her daughter in law.  She knew that I was looking after her only son, her first born to boot, so well that she didn't worry about him. What a seal of approval.  I only hope that my three sons (and daughter, of course) find partners that afford me the same peace of mind.  

So, knowing this would quite naturally be preying on his mind, I decided to take Mr G out for lunch and a walk.  Looking through TripAdvisor I found good reviews for The Lord Nelson in Bangor, so we headed there.  There's a free car park opposite with plenty of spaces.  

We were greeted warmly by the Landlady, ordered two Diet Cokes (which came in cans so it wasn't syrupy and flat!), and we were given a glass and ice.  We found a table and perused the menu.  Nothing out of the ordinary, standard pub fayre, gammon, steaks, burger, cod, steak pie, lasagne etc.  We both decided to give the mixed grill a go, very reasonably priced at £12.50.  

There was actually more on the plate than we expected, as the menu didn't say lamb chop.  Really cracking mixed grill, well worth it for the price.

Love this man, he is my world and as long as there's breath in my body I'll always do what I can to make him happy.

In other news, 100 days until Christmas... Aaaaaaaaaargh!

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