Saturday, 5 September 2015

The One Where I Vomited on Mr G. Thrice.

Last weekend we went off to Llangollen to Abbey Farm with our friends Helen and Gav. We set up camp with a shared gazebo in between us, and cracked open the wine and got the burgers sizzling.  

See that box of wine?  Yeah...

The next thing I remember is Saturday morning.  I wake up, slightly muzzy headed but I've been worse.  I stick the kettle on and I go to my cooker, and make a start on the sausage and bacon.  Helen trots out of her tent...

Helen: Morning!
Me: Morning!
Helen: *sniggers* Those mountain goats were making a funny noise this morning, Michelle?
Me: *blank*... 
Helen: They were going 'baa'...?
Me: Have you been smoking crack?
Helen: Don't you remember?
Me: No...?
Helen: See those up there?  On the mountain?
Me: The sheep?
Helen: Indeed.  Well, according to you last night, they were rare Welsh Mountain goats, and you couldn't be swayed from that opinion.  Then you just got up and went to bed.

Don't ask.  I don't bloody know.  I don't know.  I knew they were sheep before, I knew they were sheep after.  Needless to say I got ripped about goats all weekend.  So, that's how I got to bed.  

Mr G stormed out of the tent.

Mr G: You... You ... shit!
Me: What?
Mr G: You'd best get in that tent and clean that sick up!  I can't do that.  You know I hate vomit!

A vague memory drifts back into my mind.  Ah yes.  I was sick.  Mr G got me a towel.

We walk into the 'bedroom' pod.  Mr G pointed at his sleeping bag and patchwork quilt that went on top. The bottom was covered in 'Shiraz red' hued vomit. 

Me: How did I manage to spew all the way down there?

At this point, I swear Mr G was purple and had steam coming out of his ears.  He points at the vomitty bedding and shouts

Mr G: That? Was up here! *points at head*. You puked on my face!  Three times!  You know I've got a phobia of people being sick!  And you vomited on my face!  Three times!
Me: Ohhhh... Sorry?  


We had a lovely meal here, was so bloody hungry I forgot to get pics.  Five of us ate and had a soft drink for under £30.  Mr G and Ryan had a cheeseburger, Cait and Adam had BLT sandwiches and chips, and I had Steak pie and chips.  We went into Wrexham to buy school shoes for the children and had a bargain in Deichmann who had a buy one get one half price offer on.  We had a wander around Llangollen, but mainly we just chilled out for the whole weekend, listened to tunes, did a little reading and laughed and laughed and laughed.  It was probably the best camping trip we've ever had.

Gav bought us a pint of Wrexham lager, which was spot on, I could drink that stuff any day.  Mr G cried as he couldn't even take a sip of it.  

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