Monday, 24 August 2015

Our Devon Holiday

We're back from our little jaunt to Devon.  We came home a day early, travelling back on the Friday instead of the nightmare that is the M5 on a Saturday.  The journey home usually takes around 9 to 11 hours on a Saturday, we did it in 6 and a quarter, with three toilet stops.  Result.  Worth sacrificing a day of our holiday for.

Utterly exhausted now, I need another holiday to get over it.  Fourteen loads of washing and drying done over two days, I now have an ironing pile that would make you weep.  And a camping trip looming...

We had a great time, but I knew beforehand that two weeks would be too much for me.  A week isn't long enough with the huge drive, but two is a little too much.  Ten days would be great.  I'm too much of a homebody to be away so long.  Factor in a little bit of the usual medical dramas, Adam put it the best.

Adam: I enjoyed it, but it wasn't the best holiday I have had in Devon.
Me: Oh?
Adam: Well, think about it. Caitlin had three migraines and spent hours in bed. Dad was really ill twice, and had to get a taxi back. Your foot swelled up and you couldn't walk. Some days it rained so hard we couldn't leave the flat. Dan was on the phone for days trying to sort out his Uni place. And I shit myself.

In a nutshell!

The view on our approach to Preston

The view from our lounge

Brixham Harbour

Cait and Ryan Water Zorbing in Brixham Harbour
View from the top of the Riviera Wheel

Adam conquered a huge fear of heights to go on

My lovely lot

From Scary Cats...

to Meery Kats...

Best Breakfast Ever - The Ship, Paignton

Mr G's 20oz Rump Steak

Dan with a sweat on - Naga Ghost Chilli Chicken

A very busy BMAD bike night

Lots of bikers in attendance raising cash for local charities

Cait and the Trago Peacock

Beach days

Torquay United's Mascot Gilbert the Gull

My beautiful family

Nuttier than a fruitcake, but I love him to bits

That's our holiday highlights done and dusted!  We've decided to give Devon a break for three years now, at the risk of it getting a bit 'samey'.  Next year we have our friend's wedding in Norfolk to save up for, I've never been, but Mr G had many a happy childhood holiday there and has wanted to go back for a while now. 

Now for the next phase of the holiday, camping in Llangollen this weekend with our friends. Panic buy uniforms for three tomorrow, going to be odd seeing Ryan in a new uniform!  Try and find out what Daniel needs to take to Uni with him... aside from alcohol, Pot Noodles and Pringles...

All together now... Happy Days!

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