Thursday, 27 August 2015

Mr G and the Manometer

I made a start on the ironing 'pile' - pile, my arse, I needed crampons, a yak and a fecking Sherpa to tackle that bugger.  Mr G was sat on the sofa, making noises about doing a bit in a minute. Hmmmm.  So, after a few minutes of silence where he appears to be looking quite down, staring at the floor, he starts giggling.  

Me: What??
Him: Vol au vent!
Me: Oh for f...
Him: I've been sat here looking at your big toe, it reminded me of something. Couldn't put my finger on it. It's a vol au vent!  Look at it! Your left toe!
Me: Jesus...

I do have weird feet but toes like vol au vents?  I mean, what?

My living room looks like Jurassic World 2 being filmed in a Millets store.  Adam is dinosaur mad, and despite me asking nicely that he stop leaving them in the living room, especially when it's full of camping gear, there they are again!  Dinosaurs in the living room, on the stairs, in his bedroom, oh and lest we forget, there are bath dinosaurs too, specifically for bath usage.  Let me tell you, stepping on Lego has nothing on stepping on one of those spiky little swines, camouflaged in bubbles, at the bottom of the bath.  I wouldn't complain but, I had a shower the other morning and I turned around to find Jeff Goldblum soaping my back.  

Poor Mr G had his Manometer fitted. He's very uncomfortable. Sat here looking very sorry for himself, chewing toast and drinking orange through a straw because when the nurse sprayed the anaesthetic up his nose, it dripped into his lip, so that's now numb too.  Adam is relentlessly taking the mick out of him.

Adam: What the bloody hell is THAT?
Mr G: Shut up.
Adam: Does it play games? Can I listen to music on it?

He has to keep a record of everything ingested, sleep pattern and any reflux today, before having it removed at 8.15 tomorrow.  National Burger day will have to keep until we get to the campsite tomorrow, instead I've made him a huge pan of homemade vegetable soup. I'm having steak. His and mine.

Thinking about it, he only needs something to happen to his ears and he'll have had something shoved in/up/down every orifice in his body this year...

Tomorrow we're off to Abbey Farm in Llangollen, Daniel's staying home again, I think he could do with the peace and quiet.  He got an A in his Electronics exam and got onto his Computer Science course in both Bangor and his back up choice of Liverpool.  We went uniform shopping on Tuesday and all the children are ready for school, apart from one pair of school shoes and one pair of trainers, which we can pick up in Wrexham at some point this weekend before we get home.  Little one starts back Wednesday, big ones Thursday.  Another summer holiday gone so quickly!  

How many sleeps until Christmas? ;-)

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