Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Wednesday's witterings

Another beautiful day again, and amazingly Mr G still does not let me down.   I forgot to post this one yesterday.  While we were in Bangor yesterday, the air was full of what looked like white fluff.  I asked him what it all was as we were driving into Aldi car park.

Mr G:  You know.  *Holds something imaginary up to his lips*  'One o'clocks'.  *Blows*  One o'clock, two o'clock... *Glances at me*  You're going to tell me they're not called that now, aren't you?

Me:  Dandelions...

Mr G:  I call them 'one o'clocks'...

You say 'one o'clocks', I say 'dandelions...'

And last night in bed, just as we're both dropping off to sleep...

Mr G:  I know what we forgot to buy yesterday.

Me:  What?

Mr G:  Sun juice.  Not juice.  What's the word... *struggles for about 30 seconds*  Lotion.

Me:  Sun juice?  Will you remember this in the morning, so I can blog it?  Or do I just get up and write it down in case I forget?

Mr G:  No  *silence*  I'm just going to stop talking altogether.  When I get my mouthguard, that's it.  I'm going to keep it in forever. 

Shame.  Hope he'll enjoy his soup as much as I'll be enjoying that rump steak tonight then... in silence. 

Sports news now... ok, only because I thought it was funny.  I'm not a boxing fan as such, but I'm not a woman who gets her hair off about it being barbaric and needing banning.  If there's a big fight - I'll watch it.   And on the 28th of September, Tyson Fury and David Haye are fighting.  Which is brilliant timing as it will be the night of my son's 18th birthday party, so there'll be a good crowd here to watch it.   Tyson Fury makes me laugh so much.   But this from David Haye re the contracts has to be worth a mention too...

“I think they were teaching Fury how to read, that’s why it took so long. You should have seen what we got back.
“It was in crayon, just a big scribble on a piece of paper.
“There was a little duck on there and a loveheart. But you cannot reason with an idiot.
“Fury said he’s the greatest boxer there has ever been and will ever be. That came out of his mouth. He genuinely believes that.
“You could go to any institution and find people who believe they’re talking to someone who’s next to them. He’s mentally deranged. He’s not a danger to anybody though, particularly in a boxing ring.”

In other sports news, apparently De Gea is trying to encourage Fabregas to come to Manchester United.  Dave, four words... Thiago, Jinx, Shut, Up. 

School holiday countdown, three days.  Three days to get house tidy for the last time until September the 3rd, because until then, cleaning and tidying is a waste of time.  Which it is anyway really but when they're here 24/7.  Daunting task indeed.

Off to watch Despicable Me 2 later, I've been looking forward to that for weeks and weeks.  Big kid I am :-)

M x


  1. 1 o'clocks, You can tell the time with them, each blow is an "o'clock". As long as you've got a 1 o'clock, you'll never be without the time. Unless you're on a beach, then you'll be knackered.

  2. My life would be so dull without you babe. I love you and thank you for being you, even if you are batshit crazy. I won't put you into a home, I promise x


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