Thursday, 11 July 2013

Say... what?

Busy times... you know the drill, parents evenings, sports days, school trips, dentists, illness, yawn...

Adam:   Mum?   Are girls the same as boys?

Me:  Yes.  Well... *thinks - this is going to lead to nether region discussion* ... we all have two eyes, ears, a heart, legs, arms

Adam:   But girls have had their winkles chopped off?

Me:  Not chopped off... we just didn't... grow them... (GROW THEM?)

Adam:  Yeah, you have the volcanoes instead.

Me:   Volcanoes?

Adam:  Yes.  Girls twinkles look like volcanoes.  Upside down.

I could go many places with this 'volcano' analogy.  But I won't.  Because it's filth.  And this is a family blog.  When I'm sober.  And his sister now needs to stop wandering around in the nude.

Mr G went to the dentist on Wednesday to be told, at the age of 51, that he has an overbite, and he was measured for a mouthguard.  I laughed.  

Mr G:  I have to wear it for a couple of hours each day.

Me:  Will it shut you up?

Mr G:  If it does, I'm getting you measured for one.

I asked for that.

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