Thursday, 18 July 2013

Title-less Thursday

Today is absolutely scorching, so I've had to come upstairs where it's cooler (for now).  Probably not the best idea to have a huge joint of pork in the oven for Pulled Pork but it smells absolutely fantastic so I'm sure it will be worth it.

Well trained

Disturbing 'So what search keywords led you to my blog, then?' discovery of the day.   Someone found me via 'Smoking'.  Now, ok - granted, I do have a blog post that covers both smoking and mentions the word 'bondage' but somehow I don't think that was exactly what they were looking for...  the mind boggles...

'Random email question that seriously, you don't want me to answer for you' of the day.

'Michelle, do you POOP enough? (Serious question)'    Yes.  Yes I do.  If I gave them a serious answer they would need counselling.  I eat a lot of green stuff and an awful lot of hot pepper sauce.   It's not pretty.   Sometimes it burns.   I may respond, with a .jpeg or two and maybe then they'll stop asking me impertinent questions?

Mr G has his mouth guard.   Oh yes he does.

Mr G:  Give me a kith.

Me:  No.  Eeeeeeeeeew.  Go away.   No tongues then.  Just on the lips.

Mr G:  Awwww!   Jutht my luck ithn't it.  Thingth like thith alwayth happen to me.  I can't even thay my own name.  Thtephen. 

I wet myself laughing - he told me to 'Pith off'. 

Kids are off to their school discos tonight, and for Caitlin it's her last one :-(  I've found an old digital camera for her to go and collect her memories.  All my babies are growing up.  My eldest is a few months off turning 18, my little girl is going to high school and even my baby is going up to Juniors :-(  I told Adam how sad it made me today, that they were all growing up too quick and he told me his solution, which was to have another baby.  When I queried where we would put it, he said 'attic'.   Could be done with a little bit of work, I suppose...?  Watch this space, but don't tell my friend H, or - quote unquote - 'If I even get an inkling that you're considering having another child, I will personally shove my hand up your use your imagination and remove your fallopian tubes'.   Ouch.

I don't know what that pose was...

They call her mini-me.  I wish I had her figure these days!

We found this one under a bush...

As for me, I am actually going to sit down tonight and have some 'me time'.  Favourite tunes on, big salad, nice glass (bottle...) of vino and read a book outside.   Get myself geared up for the next six weeks.   

How me and Mr G are rollin' tonight

Have a great evening, whatever you're doing :-)

M x

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