Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Good save, Mr G. Good save...

Brace yourselves.  Yesterday, I started C25K.  I found a treadmill plan, because no way in hell was I inflicting these jiggly bits on the general public.  I was in shock for most of the day.  I ran.  I.  Ran.  Not the 'Flock of Seagulls' song.  I ran.  Unheard of this year, this decade, this millenium even.  Probably the last time I ran was when that particular song was in the Top 40. 

Lying in bed last night, I was still a little stunned.
Me:  I ran.  *I shake my head*  I actually ran.
Mr G:  I know.  You've gone from Mo Slater to Mo Farah overnight.
Me: *silence for a few moments as this sentence registers*  Which Mo Slater do you mean?
Mr G: *quickly*  Little.  Little Mo.
Both: Good save, Grundy.  Good save.
*Silence for a few minutes*
Mr G: Thank f**k there was a little one...


  1. Oh he's a bugger!!! Lol you're crafty mr g but you make me giggle. What you pair like...


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