Sunday, 27 December 2015

Merry Christmas

What a lovely relaxing Christmas we've had here.  I think the children had their best year yet for great presents, Adam in particular was thrilled with his stop motion camera and ten kilos of plasticine (I am not joking) and has already made three or four videos.

I bought Mr G a table. Before I'm chastised for being a crap wife, he fell in love with it. It's solid oak, and my friend H had done it up to sell. I bought it secretly and he was thrilled. Unfortunately, my odd shaped house had nowhere to put it, even 'just until', so we had to take the tree down on Christmas Eve. Our presents were then put under the table (you can't make this up).

Although if you believed Mr G, this is what he had for Christmas...

Yes. Coal and a tangerine. He's only short of a hoop and a stick. Bless him.  I had a Up wristband which is fab!  I found out that a) I'm fat and b) that I am a really light sleeper for most of the night.  No wonder I'm always tired and cranky.  

On Christmas Eve I had three nice surprises, I woke up to find £25 in my lottery account and a free lucky dip. I was tweeted by Harvey Nicks who told me that my #giftface had won me a treat (this being a toss up between the epilator and the portrait of Mr G I received from him on our first Christmas together) and a member of their team would be in touch with me next week!  I can't wait to see what it is, I don't know if it's big or small, but either way!  Then, as they come in threes, I won £5 Amazon voucher from Tengi, a chat app that I use now that I don't have access to Messenger.  

Christmas dinner was fab, as usual, and it was nice to have Dan home with us this year...

Boxing Day is when we traditionally go to my Mum's for a buffet.  The weather was atrocious, Mr G had popped to Pringles to buy some heavily reduced Old Guys Rule t shirts with his Christmas money. Then, he popped to PC World to get Cait a nano sim for her phone. A55 closed, Caernarfon Road flooded, he lost his number plate in the flood waters.  Thankfully he got through it and home.  My parents back yard was about four inches deep with rain water.  

This morning I'm torn between relaxing (properly relaxing too!) for the first time this Christmas. I'm talking onesie, slippers, junk food, reading books to reach my 100 book Goodreads Challenge.  And cleaning.  Because my house is wrecked.  More 'stuff' added to a house without room for the stuff it already has.  I have guests staying from New Years Eve.  But I am wiped out after the last two days... Chilling it is!  

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