Sunday, 22 November 2015

Stir up Sunday slightly scuppered...

I sit here with a coffee unable to make a start on my Christmas puddings for two reasons.  Firstly, I forgot to blitz the breadcrumbs last night, and I don't think my teenage daughter (whose room is directly above my kitchen) would be too happy with the 8 am wake up call of a food processor on a Sunday morning.  Secondly, they've all got to stir the mixture and make a wish.  So I'm going to work on my NaNoWriMo until they all get up.

I've got three things to share with you that happened this week.  Firstly, my youngest son.  He's the first of my children up every day, and we usually spend time together downstairs.  The apple hasn't fallen too far from his father's tree there, either.  He was talking about different animals and an anteater came up in the conversation.

Me:  What's an anteater's real name?
Adam:  Arwel?


Then this.  Both Mr G and I had chronic indigestion the other day.   I personally hadn't had it so bad since I was pregnant.  Logic dictates that it was something that we had both eaten, right?  Wrong.

Mr G:  Seeing as we've both got indigestion, do you think it might have anything to do with that?
*Nods at Yankee Candle burning in a jar*
Me: What??  Unless you've been bloody eating it, then no?  I don't?


And this morning, there was this.  I'm the first to admit that I am... boring.  I am predictable, I am a homebody, I like routine.  I'm a Taurus.  But it's a good thing, because you know what you're going to get from me.  I'm solid.  Dependable.  So to receive this in my daily horoscope, sent by email...

"You will have the opportunity to express some of your more extreme and controversial views to your love interest. As you are not usually well known for doing anything more original than trying out the latest filler for baked potatoes - this could be potentially exciting."

What a liberty...

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