Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Heard my first Christmas song!

Paul McCartney 'Wonderful Christmastime'.  Triggered off an unbelievably good mood in me, to the point that I played a cheeky few myself when I got home.  Mr G came in and told me off when I was belting out 'Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow' at the top of my voice. 

Mr G:  You can bloody pack that in, too!  It's November!

Yesterday we went to see Mr G's Consultant.  We had a 9.10 appointment and decided to risk the A55, thankfully leaving at 7 meant that we missed the congestion.  We arrived in Wrexham just after 8.20 am.  The whole journey we were blessed with clear skies and beautiful sunshine, like this...

... turned off the A55, I looked away for a minute to change the music on my iPad and when I looked up, fog!

What the...

The Registrar gave his ankle a proper going over, poor Mr G nearly bounced off the bed in pain.  He said that the next step would be an MRI scan to see what was causing the pain and inflammation, but first he would need an x ray to check if the little metal anchors that had been put in his ankle were still in place.  We went to wait for an x ray, and then back to see the Consultant again.  The x rays showed they were still in place so it's a waiting game for the MRI. 

Then we popped into Town for a spot of lunch.  We had hoped to do some shopping, but poor Mother had been lumbered with the children all day, so it was lunch and home.  We found a nice little chip shop called Town Fryer near St Giles Church.  The Church looks beautiful.  I have a fascination with Churches, Abbeys and Cathedrals, so I definitely want to go and investigate St Giles's one day.  When we have a bit more time, of course.  2025 is looking good.

Cod and chips, bread and butter and a cuppa was £10 for two.  It was really good too.  We took the scenic route home, through Llangollen and onto the old A5.  Both Mr G and I talking about how we'd love to live in that part of the country.  Euromillions win pending, of course ;-)

Look how still the water is.  Beautiful.

So now it's time to start thinking about Christmas.  Not that many sleeps to go!  November is going to be taken up with NaNoWriMo, so I may leave the wrapping to Mr G this year.  Who am I kidding, I even have to wrap the non surprise presents that he buys me.  I can wrap about seven to his one.  Even if he started now, they wouldn't be ready for next Christmas, let alone this one!   Is everyone ready for Christmas or are you more of a last-minuter?

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