Thursday, 5 September 2013

Back to school - belatedly!

Trying desperately to catch up with my blog posts, I haven't done our holiday, we've been camping, days out and most importantly, the first day back at school.   Everything is displaced at the moment, there's clothes that haven't been kept from the holiday, there's bags of... crap - there's no other word for it - that the children brought back from holiday in my bedroom (where else?).  I usually like to spend the first week they're back at school cleaning up the mess they created in the previous six weeks.  But if you read my previous post, you'll see that the lovely Mr G had other plans for me.   So, on top of the absolute disgrace of a mess my house is in, it's now covered with flecks of 1960's wallpaper and flecks of snot green gloss.  And I can't find my bed.  This is going to take until at least Christmas.   Anyhoo, back to the matter at hand.

It was a big day for two of my four, especially for Cait, who was starting high school - the same school I started 26 years ago.  Thankfully - I don't think any of the teachers I tormented are still there... according to my brother his card was marked from his first day because of the, erm, grade A student sarcastic, stroppy, insolent nightmare that I was during my time there.   I had a distinctive maiden name.  There was no way he was getting away with it.   Adam was also taking the leap up into Juniors.  Dan went into Upper 6th, or year 13 as it's now called, and Ryan into year 5.

Caitlin ready and raring to go

My troops

In size order...


  1. Aww lovely pictures Shell, I hope they all enjoyed their first day back. Ruby only manged the first day and an hour of the 2nd, I had to go and collect her as she was sick :( on the mend now thankfully! xx

    1. Thank you Netty, yes they loved it, Cait seems impressed with YDH so far anyway. Awwwww bless her, Ali said she'd been poorly, glad she's feeling better though, give her loves from Auntie Shell xxx


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