Saturday, 22 December 2012

Howler of the week

While I try to pluck up the inner strength to stop procrastinating and get my backside in the kitchen to first clean it and secondly make some more Christmas bits and bobs, I'll just tell you about a little conversation I had with my ASD son earlier this week.

Him:  Mum?

Me:  Yes?

Him:  Do you know the little baby Jesus?

Me:  Yes.

Him:  Was Mary married to two men at the same time?

Me:  No sweetheart, just Joseph.

Him.  Oh.  So, was she cheating on Joseph with God?

Me:  Er, no, she wasn't cheating sweetheart.

Him:  But God is Jesus's father.

Me:  Yes. God put Jesus in Mary's belly, I suppose you could call it by magic.

Him:  Ah.  So Jesus is like a genie then?   Only you didn't have to rub Mary's belly for him to come out and he came out the normal way?

Me:  No, Jesus isn't like a genie.  Nothing like a genie.  More toast?

How did I handle THAT one?

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