Friday, 14 December 2012

Can someone daub a big red 'X' on my front door, please?

Quite shocked to see the last time I posted was the 1st of December.  We have been hit, and hit hard with anything and everything that is going around - and then some.  It started off 14 days ago, when Adam started vomiting.  The next night Ryan was vomiting.  Carpets had to be cleaned... Caitlin and Adam them came down with a really nasty night cough.  A visit to the Doctor on Monday was fruitless, he said to just continue giving them cough medicine.  On the Wednesday, it appears I was struck down with the Norovirus, vomiting, runs, stomach cramps and flu like symptoms, luckily the bug only lasted 24 hours but it has left me wiped out.  Caitlin went back to school at the end of last week, and Ryan came down with the cough the same day and was off.  Daniel was vomiting Monday, while Adam went back to school and when home fell asleep in front of his tea, didn't want it, high temperature.  Has a skin rash which I know four children later to be a viral rash so have been battling to get him to take Piriton (doesn't like the taste).  Wednesday Caitlin told me her thumb was hurting and it was swollen and red and looked like it was going to burst around the nail, so the Doctor has put her on Penicillin.  Instead of telling us she'd shut it in the door (and then had been nibbling at the skin around the nail!) we didn't find out until she told the Doctor.  Adam managed to do one of his two school concerts, and was really upset at missing the second one.  Steve has come down with a sore throat and Man-flu (common cold) and to cap off the fortnight, tonight, Daniel managed to vomit in his room, the hallway, my living room - including on his brother, over my kitchen wall - including down the back of water pipes, over my kitchen door, back porch carpet, all over the walls and floor of my toilet, the LID of the toilet seat - despite it being up, behind the toilet, in the hinges of the toilet seat... you get the picture, quite how he's managed to do it - a 17 year old man near enough, is beyond comprehension.  Oh, and today, I get struck down with the mother of Sciatica attacks.

We were meant to be going away tomorrow to see my husband's family and do the dropping off of gifts and cards, but that's not going to happen now, so we're going to be spending the weekend split in half.  He'll go with the two healthy children and I'll be stuck inside cleaning up sick and trying to reason with (bribe) a 6 year old to take his medicine.  I have just about had enough.

That's my little whinge over, I'll have some time on my hands tomorrow after I've re-cleaned the hastily swilled toilet properly, I may post a recipe.  Merry bloody Christmas!

A truly Frazzled Shell!


  1. omg am sorry for all that hun, it must be frustrating spec in this time of the year, hope u all get better have a great day xx

    1. Thank you Sara, I was having a right whinge lol. Just so you know, your profile isn't shared on Blogger. You may know this, it may be your choice, but just in case you don't (sort of thing I'd do unwittingly!) x <3 x


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