Thursday, 26 July 2018

Summer Holidays

Long gone are the days when the words 'Six weeks off school' used to strike fear into my heart. These days, the only place that I'm getting struck is in my bank account, as the four of them bugger off out with their respective girlfriends and boyfriend, and friends. "Mum, can I go to..." "Mum, can I have train fare..." "Mum, can I go shopping..." and of course, Mum gets some reprieve, because Mama ain't no fool, and she never learned to drive. "Dad, can you take me...". So, the Bank of Mum and Dad's Taxi's are in full swing, and we're only in the first week of the holiday!

We are off glamping this weekend. Unfortunately, due to some awkward buggers booking the pods for one night on a Saturday (Why? Why do people do this?) we have Sunday to Wednesday at Pentreclawdd Farm in Oswestry, where we stayed last Easter. We also have a family wedding at the end of August, so we had to prioritise, and a holiday this summer wasn't do-able. Not only financial, but also time wise. So, Mr G and I put our thinking caps on, and we've tried to cram as much into the three days as possible, making sure that everyone gets to do something that is fun for them.

So, on Sunday, at the crack of dawn, we are off to Wrexham. There's a double header at Queensway on Sunday, where Devon Sharks take on North Wales Origin at 11 am, as a curtain raiser to the North Wales Crusaders v Workington Town match, which kicks off at 2.30 pm. Really looking forward to both of those games, but even more so, I am looking forward to leaving after the first match, and making a quick trip into town, to get our fortnightly fish and chip fix at Everland. If you're ever in Wrexham, this chippy is highly recommended. Lovely staff and the the food is gorgeous. We really have made some wonderful friends in Wrexham, people are so friendly there. Mr G and I are both really tempted to move there, or closer to there. We've said that in four or five years time, once the youngest has finished school, then it will be time to please ourselves. He'll be 60 then, and more than ready to slow down. There just seems to be less and less to do around here. You have to drive miles to see a film, to go bowling, to do some decent shopping, to get a Nandos! I've been a Mum since I was nineteen, and I think that by then, the wrong side of forty, it will be time to do something for myself. Before I get grandchildren sprung on me.

On Monday, after I have cooked us all a full English to set us up for the day, we're going to take the boys to Blue Planet in Ellesmere Port and in the afternoon we're going to take them to Flip Out Chester. Both boys have been on at me for ages, wanting to go. I've booked a two hour session for them there, so that should be fun.

On Tuesday, after more bacon and egg, we're going to go to the British Ironwork Centre. This is somewhere that Mr G has wanted to go to for a while; being a former metalworker he finds things like this really interesting. Then in the afternoon, Adam has requested a shopping trip around Wrexham, as he turns 12 on Saturday, and he wants to get some new clothes with his birthday money. When he's spent up, we're going to take them ten pin bowling, and to get some food, a cheeky Nando's is probably high on their list. Then to round off our day in Wrexham, I would like to go to Alyn Waters Country Park for a walk around, and hopefully burn off some calories in readiness for the Chicken Doner that I am going to be munching through that evening. But that is dependent on time (and how hungry I am!).

So, granted, not the most exciting of breaks away, but hopefully there will be a little something for everyone. Plenty of walking, reading and rugby for me. Metal stuff and rugby for Mr G and bowling and bouncing and clothes shopping for the boys. I'm leaving the house in the capable hands of my eldest and his girlfriend (yes, that was sarcasm, they're both University students). 

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