Friday, 23 September 2016

Our Norfolk Break - Part 3 - The Wedding

When we arrived back at the station, we were greeted by the Toastmaster, who welcomed us all in to the lobby, where we were served Pimms or orange juice in lovely glass milk bottles that had been decorated with flowers and lace.

We were told to locate our table numbers on the seating plan, which my friend had put into a montage of photo frames.  I've never seen this done before but it looked great!  We found our tables and were told we had about twenty minutes to grab a quick drink if we wanted before making our way to the steam train.

We went outside on the platform, and we were serenaded with old love songs.  This was a lovely touch and very in keeping with the day itself.

I don't know whether it was because I don't pay attention or whether I hadn't been furnished with the full facts of what was happening on the day (sorry M, you know me...) but for some reason (I don't pay attention) I was under the impression that we would be eating a cream tea on the steam train, as we had already ordered our meal for the evening.  I didn't know that the train would be moving... and I didn't expect what happened next.

We got on board the train and received another ticket to add to the memory jar.  Above each seat, there were hearts hanging with our names on.  I sat with Mr G and the boys and Cait went to sit with the bridesmaid and her parents.  

Everyone had a gift on the table in front of them, personalised to them.  The men had homemade wine, and the ladies had sweet peas to plant, in the wedding colours.  Better than sugared almonds!  All the children had gifts catered to what they liked, which was a lovely thoughtful touch, M to a tee.

And then this happened...

What the...

Mr G's eyes lit up.  He's been breadless for about 15 weeks.  And he knew that I wouldn't be able to eat the sandwiches as they were buttered.  Git.  I shrugged my shoulders and tucked into the pastries and pizzas instead.  I said that I must have got it wrong and M had said afternoon tea, not cream tea.  Either way we were famished and it was very welcome.  Waiters walked up and down the carriage the whole time as we made our way to Wymondham refilling our teas and coffees and juice boxes.  When we reached Wymondham we were allowed off to stretch our legs and once back on the train, this happened...

Oh. My. God.

The picture doesn't actually do it justice, the scones were massive.  We had one each with clotted cream and jam, and I can say without a word of a lie, we couldn't breathe after finishing everything.  Absolutely lovely tea.  

We arrived back at the station, and the organist was still there, but the evening band had come to set up too.  We grabbed a glass of champagne and went on the platform to listen to the speeches.  It was a little bit chilly at this point, so after we went into the railway cafe and sat down with a drink.  I glanced outside onto the car park and noticed that the fish and chip catering had turned up.  I looked at Mr G, and mouthed 'Oh my God.'  We hung on as long as we possibly could before going for ours.  

I don't know where we put it, but we managed it.  And it was exceptionally good fish and chips too.  

The band began to play a mixture of songs, old and new, and we began to dance.  Anyone who knows me knows I don't dance.  But I danced the night away.  We all did.  On the platform of a steam railway.  As you do.  Best dancefloor in the world.  Ever.  The more the wine slipped down, the more we danced and the warmer the night seemed to feel.

Oh, I also forgot to mention dessert.  Which I had to pass on.  Just to give you an indication of how full I was.  Both Mr G and I had to pass.  On dessert.  Unheard of.

Actually gutted because the flavours they had chosen, Rum and Raisin, Lavender, Salted Caramel, Honeycomb to name but a few... I really wanted to try the Lavender.  But couldn't even think of taking a spoonful.  I accused M of being a feeder, and told her that traditionally people are meant to starve at weddings hehe.

Me and my beautiful bestie and our fellas

Before we knew it our taxi was in the car park ready to take us home.  We'd had such a wonderful day that we didn't want it to end.  It was simply, the best wedding ever.  One that will forever be held up as a benchmark for other weddings we attend, and we doubt anything will ever top it.  I've never been so relaxed at a wedding, everything just flowed nicely, nothing was rushed.  The thought M had put into every tiny little detail was unbelieveable - to the extent that two people who have seen the pictures have said that she should be a wedding planner.  There was even this in the loos at the station, all manner of bits and bobs that we may have needed over the course of the day; sanitary protection, hairbrush, hairspray, deodorant, blister plasters etc.

All the staff at the Mid Norfolk Railway were so lovely and helpful and all walked around with huge smiles on their faces too.  Thank you M&A for letting us be a part of your big day, we will never forget it :-)  

In other news, I put on 4 kilos that weekend... FOUR.  Worth every gram.

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