Tuesday, 28 June 2016

To lose against Toulouse - not such a bad thing

Off we went to the Racecourse on Sunday, a little excited to be playing against fresh blood, and a French team at that (ooooh how fancy!) but also fully expecting to have our arses kicked.  Toulouse, who are top of League 1, have drawn one game and won all the others.  It didn't bode well, really.   At our last home game,  Keighley beat us 22 - 30.  A week later, Toulouse humiliated Keighley 84 - 6.  So for our final score to be a very respectable 14 - 32 wasn't quite the kicking we were expecting, and you couldn't help but feel upbeat, despite a home loss.  Fans were in good voice, I was hoarse coming away from there.  Some pics from the event :-)

The fab 'Cambria Band' who played for us at half time

Adam wanted a hot dog, ended up with a baguette with a large sausage on it - still ate the lot...

Final score

Jonny Walker receiving a cake after reaching 100 appearances for the club

Another 'home' match this weekend against Coventry Bears but this time it's been moved to Chester RUFC.  Stereophonics play at the Racecourse on Saturday and after that the pitch is being relaid, so we Crusaders are going to be like nomads for the next few weeks ;-)

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