Saturday, 6 June 2015

A Mixed Bag of Tricks

I thought that this blog post was hoping to be completely negative.  Because, I won't lie, in essence, this has been a crappy couple of weeks on the whole.  But, upon reflecting, there were a few diamonds in the rough. 

We went away for my *cough* 29th birthday.  We booked a lodge in Llangollen, but I want to blog separately about that.  All I will say is luxury, idyllic, bliss.  With a Primark visit chucked in for good measure.

The day after we came home, Mr G had a follow up appointment with his consultant.  He hadn't recovered as he'd hoped he would from his last operation, where he had adhesions cut away that had formed between his liver and abdomen after his gallbladder surgery.  Three infections on the wounds, and in worse pain than ever.  Then, this lump appeared in his stomach, which gradually grew bigger.  As he had this appointment pending with his consultant he waited to see him rather than start the whole process over again in hospital.  Well - his appointment was 2.50 pm.  By 3.25 pm, he phoned me to tell me that he had a pre-op booked for the next morning and an operation date for the 21st May.  Yes, nine days after.  You can imagine my face.  Go on.  Imagine it.

I had a complete meltdown that lasted about two days before my determination kicked back in.  Yes, that means lists.  I batch cooked enough meals to last for at least a month.  I did a massive shop (think Christmas on 'roids!).  I did a bit of cleaning... The day before Mr G went in to hospital, my little brother was taken in too.  On Thursday Mr G had to be in by 8 am, and sat until 4.30 pm with no food or drink, to be told his op had been cancelled due to complications in theatre.  He was, quite naturally, a bit annoyed.  He'd psyched himself up for it.  But as I pointed out, some poor sod obviously had a worse time of it in theatre that day, and to count himself lucky it wasn't him.  The nurses couldn't be more apologetic, and said he was scheduled in now for the following Thursday and they would make sure he was first on the operating list that day.  

Eurovision night was an unusually quiet affair, just Mr G and myself, as I'd anticipated he'd either be post-op and not up for drunken company and scorecards, or - knowing him - that he'd still be in hospital.  So, we watched together, and checked our Facebook feeds to banter with friends who were also watching (don't judge!) and I saw that my newsfeed was full of people saying RIP to a woman.  My heart sank as I only know of one woman locally with that name, I phoned my friend and she confirmed it was who I thought it was and hoped it wasn't.  She was one of the first people from this town that Mr G and his friends met when they used to come down golfing.  He met her before he met me.  She was one of my Mum's childhood school friends, and her son was my first 'boyfriend' (think pre-school here!) and we went through primary and secondary school together, remaining good friends.  When Mr G and I met, she was the landlady of my local pub, which became our local as Mr G and I started dating long distance.  She was always a huge supporter of us as a couple, she threw his surprise 40th birthday party the week after we married, and she also held Caitlin and Dan's Christening party for us.  Just a couple of the wonderful parties and receptions she held for family and friends.  So many good memories for a lot of people in MB and further afield too.  

Wednesday night saw the second year of the resurrected MB Carnival's crowning ceremony, and for me it was something of a family affair.  My cousin was chosen as this year's Queen and my beautiful niece was her flower girl and my daughter was once again a majorette.  Thursday came around again and Mr G went back into hospital.  As promised he was first on the operating list and after a slight panic, where his consultant came to him about half an hour after he was meant to be going to theatre, to tell him there was a problem with the anaesthetist, and would he mind having the op done under local anaesthetic... again, my face as he was telling me this on the phone!  He eventually made it to theatre, as did the anaesthetist, and was put to sleep for the op.  As my brother was still in, I went in to double visit at lunch and Mr G was awake, eating the sorriest looking sandwich I have ever clapped eyes on, and drinking coffee.  So, no animal print bumpers this time!  He came home a few hours later, which was really nice. 

Saturday saw the actual Carnival day in MB and I took the boys up to have a look around, see their cousins and sister and have a few fair rides.  Then I had a lovely surprise when I finally got to meet my bestie M and her lovely fiance A for the first time in the flesh.  We met via Twitter some four years ago, both winners of the same competition and we hit it off.  Many phone calls, texts, emails and social networking later, we finally met.  After some cake, scones, welsh cakes and Bara Brith, I took them for a tour of the local beauty spots.  Far too brief a visit but hopefully the prelude to a longer visit soon.  

Wednesday we said goodbye to Rita bach.  Everyone knew it would be a big funeral, but I don't think anyone expected it to be so big.  Held at Bangor Crem, the queue ran right from the door all the way down the length of the car park.  I have been to some funerals in my life, but I have never, ever seen anything like it in my life, and doubt I will again.  The service room was full, the foyer, and a massive group had to stand outside.  After we greeted the family, I had a hug from her son who thanked me for coming, and I just waved my hand across the hordes of people milling about outside and said 'this says it all'.  I only went to the service as I didn't want to leave Mr G for too long, as I didn't trust him not to sneak off staining patio furniture or erecting his new shed (another shed, another story for another blog post).  However her friends and family went down to the pub she used to own and raised a glass to her, which I thought was a lovely touch.  

So after an emotionally draining few weeks, I've decided to take a few days out and look after myself and relax... no.  That would have been the sensible thing to do.  Instead, I decided to invite everyone over for curry tonight.  Feeding fifteen.  And not just any old curry, oh no.  Mama G has got a new BIR curry book.  So there's Tikka Masala, Ceylon, Vindaloo, Madras, Pathia, Passanda, Rogan Josh and Dhansak to choose from.  I'm going for the Vindaloo ;-)  I've even made homemade Onion Bhajis for the first time in about eight years.  I must be simple.  Got to be.  Not just a pork pie short of the proverbial picnic, but the sandwiches, picnic rug and scotch eggs short too!  But hey, we are only here once so we should make the most of it!  Have a great weekend, whatever you're doing :-)  

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