Sunday, 7 December 2014

Getting into the Christmas Spirit... Finally!

I often complain that time passes so quickly, but no more so than now, looking at my dashboard, seeing two unfinished posts languishing in 'Drafts'.  One stating '100 days til Christmas' and its successor entitled '50 days til Christmas' gives me an indicator as to how busy I've been the last few months.  Now, it's 18 days away.  Oh bugger.  And breathe...

The Christmas tree and decorations are up.  The children did the tree themselves this year and they made a great job of it.  Normally Mr G and I have to... titivate it a bit.  Our new tree topper, a cheeky little fairy called Violetta, handmade by our uber talented friend Helen.   My friends and I have a swap system in place at Christmas, and in return for my Christmas pudding I receive all manner of lovely bits, decorations, floral arrangements, pickles and sweets, even tubs of chocolates from those who don't have a 'craft'.  I love it! 


Hard work this tree decorating supervising lark...

Poor Mr G's health is still iffy.  The phantom gallbladder, after ultrasound and a full body scan remains a mystery, so on the 15th of December he has a pre op. Yes, they're going in!
On Wednesday we return to Wrexham Maelor. Back in June, the consultant referred him for physio and if that didn't work then in December at his next check up, he would go back on the list for another ankle reconstruction. He had one or two physio sessions... and they signed him off, as it was apparent it wouldn't work. So. Yes, they're going in there too!
Last month, Mr G and I went on a bit of a mad one and with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom, we redecorated the entire house... and re floored it. As you do. And, while laying the flooring in Cait's room, he hurt his knee. It was thought to be ligament damage. But now it appears he has torn the cartilage in his knee and yes, you've guessed it, they're going in!  Poor man doesn't know where to hurt first, I really feel for him.

So 2015 is going to be a gruelling one for my brave hubby.  I'll have to dust down my Nurse Gladys Emmanuel costume and work on my bedside manner. We're just hoping that the pre op next week won't give him a date pre New Year.  It is unlikely but we're worried that a lot of people will refuse operations around the festive period, effectively bumping him UP the list? 

On Wednesday we'll set off early to Wrexham and make a day of it, do some Christmas shopping and grab some lunch before his appointment later in the afternoon. Then, that evening, I am out for Christmas dinner with the women in my family, a long standing tradition.  This year we welcome a newbie into our fold, my brother's girlfriend.  God. Help. Her.

The Coca Cola truck came to Caernarfon this year, which apparently means Christmas is coming. No. Incorrect. The YODEL truck coming to Menai Bridge yesterday with this means Christmas is coming.

Come to Mama...

We bought our massive turkey, and a huge joint of ham that will have to be cut in two, so I'm spending time looking through magazines and websites for inspiration.  The last time I cooked ham I did it in Coca Cola, and that was a hit.  I may do one piece traditionally, cloves and sticky stuff, and one with a twist.  Watch this space!

To round off my post, yesterday afternoon we went down to Waitose, who were having a bit of a 'do' for their customers.  We all got our Christmas jumpers on (don't judge me!).  The branch choir sang carols in the foyer.

The award winning Waitrose choir

Adam and Mr G meet Olaf (Mr G's hero)

Sampling the mulled wine

'Have you been good this year?'  Erm...

There was all manner of food to sample; chutneys, party food, chocolates, mince pies, cheeses, Christmas cake, nuts and dried fruits, and of course mulled wine!  On hand for the children were Santa and his elf and Olaf from Frozen.  A massive Olaf too!  The Christmas cake was so good that I bought one, and that will save me making one this year as... 18 days people, 18 days.  The mulled wine was the best I have ever tasted, be it bought, or made, and was a snip at £3.99 a bottle.  As we left, Menai Bridge Band were outside playing carols.  All in all it was a lovely afternoon and it finally got me into the spirit.  Better late than never! 

We've finally been talked into joining Sky, the lure of all 7 Sky Sports channels, and all the childrens channels, unlimited broadband and unlimited calls at a cost of about £100 a quarter less than we're paying BT now for a lot less service clinched the deal.  They claim the transfer will be seamless, and that I won't be left without internet access, but those may well be famous last words.  If you don't see me?   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  Now, where's that corkscrew...

M x

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