Sunday, 17 August 2014

Back to Nature

We've done some faffing about this school holiday.  It has flown ridiculously quickly.  We had decided after last years break in Devon that we'd forego a summer holiday this year and save to get bits on the house and garden done.  In the year since then we decorated the living room, hall, replaced our broken washer and got the summerhouse.  The intention was lots of camping this holiday, but between Mr G being ill, paying too much heed to weather forecasts, physio appointments, commitments at home - life, basically, we find ourselves two weeks before the start of the new school year and the only camping we've done is in the summerhouse.  Grrrr!  So we are biting the bullet and going next week at some point.  No matter what the weather.  Sadly Dan doesn't want to come with us, the end of an era!  But he is nearly 19 and he wants to spend this time with his group of friends before they all scatter to Uni in different parts of the UK, so I understand.  Plus it's nice not to have to leave the house empty.  

We have all been torn over where to go.  We love Forest Holidays in Beddgelert and Snowdonia Parc in Waunfawr.  Beddgelert is great for kids but lethal with midges.  Waunfawr has a brewery, a brewery!  Gorgeous real ales.  A pub that does food.  But I've been dying to try a campsite in Corwen, very near to The Old Corn Mill, where we stayed for Mr G's 50th and Mum's 60th.  I love the Llangollen/Corwen area, I think it's beautiful.  We know of several places to go for a good meal at the latter end of the week, when I'm sick of tinned food and bacon!  Mr G fancies the horse drawn boat trip on the canal.  Wrexham isn't too far away, and I believe they have a Primark, which has piqued Cait's interest and wallet, what with having her birthday money to spend!  But the most important thing is just relaxation.  Ipad full of tunes, kindle app full of books, camping chair, box of wine, marshmallows ready to toast and the coffin full of ready prepped food!  I've already made and frozen some lovely casseroles and chillies in takeaway cartons.  Love being organised!   Fry ups in the morning, with coffee in a travel mug... Always tastes like the best coffee in the world!  

So we start the packing later.  Everything is pretty much in one place so it's not going to be too bad... That's what she said... Really excited and more than ready to recharge my batteries, ready for the new school year!  

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