Thursday, 20 February 2014


Nice little tune there from one of my favourite groups at the moment (I want to see them in concert Mr G *hint*).  And what a glorious day it is today!  A bit blustery but blue skies and sunshine :-)  Result.

Hoping everyone had a nice Valentines Day?  Mr G and I had our meal and... I relented and let him watch the rugby.  With Adam sandwiched between us.  Very romantic.  The evening did yield one little gem though.

Adam:  Dad, how old was Grandad when he died?

Mr G:  69. 

Adam:  So, did he die of old age?

Mr G:  No, he had an illness called cancer.  Have you heard of that?

Adam:  Hmmm.  I've heard of it, but I don't know what it is.  I only know what one illness is.

Mr G:  What's that then?

Adam:  Diarrhoea.  I had it once, and I sh*t myself twice.

I got it from my Mama.  I got it from my Mama...

Mr G has an MRI scan on his head tonight after finally having his appointment with a Neurologist on New Year's Eve.  It's at the local hospital so he'll probably come out of there with leprosy or dysentry or something.   Hopefully we can finally get some answers there, if it's something resolvable, then we can resolve it.  If it's something we can't do anything about then we'll have to live with it.  I think half the trouble with not being well is the not knowing.  Once you know, you can accept it, if you choose to.

This morning my PC BSOD'ed on me.  Not again - this is a new PC.  I believe the last time Mercury was retrograde my old one was playing up too.   Turns out that it was an issue with my dongle drivers, which actually sounds a bit filthy, almost marital aid-ish?  Nipple tassles?  Check.  Gimp mask?  Check.  Dongle drivers?  Check... Anyway, I digress.  So I was searching the manufacturers site to see what driver update I needed and I turned to him and asked him this simple question...

Me:  Our dongle is a F5D7050 isn't it?

To be met with a look of abject horror and mild verbal abuse...

Mr G:  Oh my God.  Rain Man?  How the bloody hell do you remember what the product code of the dongle is?  I don't even remember what I did yesterday?

Me:  I keep telling you I have ASD.  You keep thinking I'm joking. 

And there was this little backhanded compliment too the other day.  I'd made a massive batch of Pea and Ham soup.  And let's just say that the wind wasn't just gale force outside.  Wink.

Mr G:  How can something so cute stink so badly?

Me?  Cute?  Evidently. 

Hopefully today I'll be pulling a cake out of the hat.  Orange and Coconut.  Looks really simple and tasty.  Oh, I will actually be baking it, not just producing it out of a hat.  I'm not Paul Daniels.  Thank God.   

M x

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