Friday, 13 December 2013

Why I've been AWOL recently... Part One

Remember our 'green' disaster?  No?  Let me remind you... we decided that the time had come to finally strip the hall, stairs and landing.   The walls were uneven, bumpy, cracked.  And green.  Yes.  We knew it would cost a fortune one way or another to get it looking nice.  So the plasterers came.  And they said...

'It will all have to come off.'

So, off it all came...

They replastered.  Did a wonderful job.  Really clean.  Then my brother broke his neck.  Then we had a month where we were between here and Staffordshire.  Then he came home.  Then we realised that Christmas was nearly upon us.  I started panicking.  The house was a mess.  So we decided to finish what they started.  We sanded down some of the woodwork and stained it.  Painted the walls.   Mr G decided he wanted a 'feature wall'.   I thought he was joking when he told me what wallpaper he wanted on it.

Brick wallpaper?  Really?

Mr G decided to install his tree in the corner.  To start off with it only had a few pinecone tree decorations on, but we've added glittery ones, snowy ones and jingle bells which look a bit like berries.  The effect at night is stunning but photographs don't do it justice. 

We'd been given an old, heavy mirror, which we masked up and spray painted gold.  Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Hung up the kids portraits and some tea light holders...

We put up some matching rollerblinds as our old blinds wouldn't fit after the walls being replastered (D'oh!)

So just to show you the contrast, here's a before and after...

I was so relieved that it was finally done.  Time to put my feet up?  Not quite.  We had two days before travelling to Lancashire to my Sister in Law's house, to prepare the buffet for her 50th Birthday party.  I was twitchy.  We had all the stuff to decorate the living room.  Wallpaper, paint, cushions, curtains, rug.  All we needed to do, was do it.  And I knew that the day after we came back from the party,  I would be wanting to put the tree up.  And once the tree was up, that room wasn't being touched until the New Year.  So - my suggestion was, paint the side of the room that the tree was on, put the tree up, and then we could work on the other half of the room over the next week or so.  Mr G vetoed me.  He'd had enough.  We'd leave it until the New Year... (to be continued).


  1. I sooo want your new hall way! It looks lovely hun, and good choice Mr. G, feature wall looks fab! xx

    1. Thank you :-) It FINALLY feels like my house, the last of the 'old' has gone. Only thing is it makes everywhere else look shabby, so we're going to be at it in the New Year! Yes it does look good, I thought he was bonkers when he told me, but I let him have his way (for once...) and I do have to say it paid off! xxx

      PS - 'at it' decorating, that is...


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