Saturday, 12 October 2013

I need my friends and I need your prayers

Little did I know yesterday morning, when the electricians arrived and I hurriedly put my unfinished post into draft before the power went off, that it wouldn't be published and I would be writing a completely different one today.   So, instead of whining about the mess everywhere, today I'm letting you know that my little brother had a seizure, and in falling (on concrete steps) he has broken his neck in five places.   He also has extensive facial injuries and underwent surgery in the early hours of this morning, finishing at 4 am.   He may be paralysed, so scars are the least of his and our worries.  He has been taken from the local hospital to one in England.  Apparently the emergency services control didn't deem the fact that he was bleeding from four places - including a quite severe head injury - an 'emergency' and wouldn't send an ambulance, leaving him in this condition with a very frightened friend.  At his friend's insistence they eventually sent a Doctor from 20 miles away, who took one look at him and said 'He needs an ambulance'.  No shit, Sherlock!  Five minutes later, the blue lights and sirens arrived.   When this is over, I will have someone's job for this.  That is in black and white.  If ever a 999 recording needs to go AWOL - this will be the time.  An HOUR suffering with the pain of a broken neck, because somebody at the end of a telephone didn't deem their 'one ambulance left, and there might be an emergency' worthy of helping him?   I call a broken neck a f**king emergency, I don't know about you?   For the sake of a 7 mile journey to the hospital?  You send a Doctor from 20 miles away, when the hospital is... 7 miles away... you're in an ambulance, so with the sirens, what... 5 minutes max?  Opposed to one hour?   What DAMAGE was done in that one hour, by my brother alone?  By his well-meaning friend, trying to make him comfortable?  Recovery position versus broken neck - discuss?   I have to actually stop talking now because I'm getting really cross.   Really, really cross.  

Hard to believe that one week ago he was here helping to celebrate my son's 18th birthday.  It really does go to show you don't know what life is going to throw at you.   It can turn around in one minute, one small thing can change everything forever.   Look after those you love, sort out your petty differences, always say I love you.  I've said it before because I've lost people I've loved with all my heart, some have died, some are still with us but not in my life.  Luckily my brother is still alive, time will tell to what extent he recovers. 

Please pray for his recovery, and for my parents.  I may not be around much in any capacity for a while now, but I really need the support of my friends and family.   The messages I have received have been touching and show how loved my bro is.  Keep commenting, tweeting, Facebooking, emailing me, texting me but I will be keeping my phone lines free.  I really do need your prayers, healing energy, magic dust - whatever Higher Power or God you believe in.   Even if you don't believe, pray for him anyway.  Send it all their way.

M x


  1. Wow, I'm sorry people were so neglectful. I will definitely be praying for your brother and your family. Hugs.

  2. Oh my good god Michelle :( when I messaged you last night I obviously realised something had happened, but I had no idea what it was!
    I'm completely shocked :( my thoughts & prayers are with your whole family xx
    Like I said you need anything at all I'm 2 minutes away just give me a shout x
    Best wishes to Menigz & hoping for a speedy recovery xx

    I'm totally appaled by them refusing to send an ambulance! It's disgusting! Shows you just how fantastic the welsh NHS is!

  3. Thoughts and prayers for your brother and your family. I'm so sorry this has happened.

  4. WOW. I would be suing whomever deemed a neck injury "not an emergency." Here's hoping for good news. You and yours are in my prayers. xo

  5. I'm praying for you, my friend!!! Please keep us posted. xoxoxo


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