Saturday, 24 August 2013

Mr G made me cry...

You know how sometimes, someone will say something to you and you wish you'd recorded it, or you could go back in time to write down the conversation verbatim?  I had a moment like that last week.  Mr G made me cry.   It wouldn't be the first time that a man has made me cry, but the difference being when my husband makes me cry, it's always through love.  I've been going through a hard time lately, and emotionally it's been a rollercoaster ride, where the lows have been more than the highs.   I wish I could remember everything he said, the way he said it, but it was along the lines of this.

'For someone who is so into positive thinking, and tries to keep everyone else so positive, you aren't half negative about yourself.'

He then went on to chronicle every thing he found wonderful about me.  I wasn't fishing for compliments, this was completely unprompted, and unexpected.   Do you know how he ended his little speech?   By calling me 'magnificent'.  My husband, thinks I am magnificent.  Not just 'lovely' or 'beautiful' or 'sexy' or 'intelligent' - all words which I don't feel apply to me, although he called me those as well - but magnificent.   He had a massive hug, and I cried.   The madness and the negativity stops now.   With a man like my husband at my side, I can move mountains, I don't need to experience any lows in life at all.  Thank you and I love you Steve.

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  1. Oh this was such a beautiful post and seriously would have made me cry, too if my husband called me magnificent. Really do something extra nice for him today (like make his favorite meal!!).

    1. Thank you Janine :-) Oh I've gone one better than that, he's away for the whole weekend, he's currently in Wembley Stadium, London, watching his Rugby team in a final! He's home tomorrow though, so I am going to cook his favourite Sunday roast dinner for him, ready for when he gets home. I miss him so much, it's like losing a body part when he's not here :-)

    2. I am watching the game on telly though, he's taken my national flag (Welsh) and wrote his team's name on it so I can spot him in the crowd :-)


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