Sunday, 16 June 2013

Recipe - Easy Mint Choc Chip Ice Cream and Tiramisu

Happy Fathers Day!  Not the happiest day for everyone, so love to those who are missing someone today as well.  

Today I was hoping to blog about my first ever attempt at homemade ice cream.  I've felt so ill the last couple of days and Mr G has been wonderful and really taken care of me and the kiddies.  Yesterday was their school fair and he took them alone, something I wouldn't relish doing myself.  So despite feeling like going back to bed, while he was out I decided to make him some ice cream.  And the bloody camera... I hadn't emptied it of photos or formatted the card for a while.  It was almost full.  So when I put the camera on and took a photo, it would freeze.  Only when I finally emptied it onto my computer last night did I realise these pictures hadn't actually stored.  So my step by step ice cream post consists of three pots of mint ice cream.  I could have bought those and you'd be non the wiser.  But I did make it, promise!

It was so simple too!  Over the years I've coveted and gathered many kitchen gadgets... The Actifry for example - that turned out to be a complete waste of money and shelf space.  The Actifry.  Pffffffffft.   Those chips that are in the pictures can be achieved by no other means but deep frying, sorry.  The chips you get from one are like limp, greasy, anaemic slugs, a worse result than you'd get from spraying them with oil and putting them in the oven.  I digress.  The ice cream maker, I really wish I'd got one sooner.

First of all I heated 225ml of milk with 50g of caster sugar and heated it gently until the sugar had dissolved.  Then let it cool.  I then stirred in 225ml of double cream and used food colour and peppermint extract to get the colour and minty taste.  The picture doesn't do the colour justice, it's a bit greener than it looks!  It went into the pre-frozen bowl and churned for about 35 minutes.  I added dark chocolate chips just as it was starting to thicken.   Popped it into these little pots, and into the freezer to finish off.  We tried some later and it was really nice.  Mint choc chip is not my favourite ice cream by a long shot, but I had to work with what I had to hand. This will probably be my new obsession now, finding wonderful ice cream flavours!  The only criticism I have is that it doesn't make a lot of ice cream, those pots are the size that an individual Weight Watchers dessert comes in.  The bowl has to be frozen for 24 hours before you make a batch.  Maybe you can buy additional bowls, that would be handy.

The other recipe I have for you was the Tiramisu I made for my birthday party last month.  I'll spare you the step by step photos, as you know me - all together now - *I take crap photos*

3 fresh, Free range Eggs, separated
5 tbsp caster sugar
400g fresh mascarpone cheese
300ml double cream (I used Elmlea Light)
2 mugs instant strong black coffee
2 packs Lady Fingers (I didn't use them all but needed more than one pack)
Cocoa to dust

Put the mascarpone into a bowl and beat to ensure there are no lumps. 

Beat the egg yolks with the sugar, then whip into the mascarpone.  Whip the egg whites to firm peaks and fold them in to the mix.

Whip the cream and fold this in.  Add 3 tbsp Amaretto to the mixture.  It has to be said, I added about half a bottle to the mixture. 

Put the coffee in a bowl and add about 3 tablespoons of Amaretto.  Dip the biscuits in the coffee and line a large trifle type dish. Fill with the mixture, layer with another row of biscuits and mascarpone mixture. 

Chill for 2 hours, and dust heavily with the cocoa powder before serving. 

Right -  best get stuck into some housework before Mr G gets up, ready to be spoiled and waited on hand and foot!   Back later with how our Fathers Day went!

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  1. Homemade ice cream sounds so good right now :)

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