Sunday, 14 April 2013

FTSF #14 - If I could live anywhere I would live...

In a place called Cedar Cove.  You may or may not have heard of it, it's a small town that is the setting of Debbie Macomber's 'Cedar Cove' novels.  I wasn't sure how to take these books at first, I am an avid reader, anything from Chick Lit to the classics, but these books were uniquely different to anything I've ever read before.

Yes, I have this cookbook too!  It's fab!

A place where everyone is friendly, and goes beyond the call of duty to be kind to others.  People go to Church on a Sunday as a family, and support local businesses.  The women cook from scratch (oh the dishes of food are mouthwatering!) and craft - but they're also feisty, independent women.  Not some stereotype, chained to the kitchen sink.  The men are gentlemen, they don't cheat, or lie (well, only little white lies, we the readers know why they've done it - for a greater good - but of course it causes massive problems, break ups, but ultimately resolution).   Friends are proper friends, dependable with no bitching or backbiting.  Everyone meets the love of their life and they marry in quite a short space of time, usually eloping!  Christmases are REAL Christmases, the sort I strive (and fail!) to have every year.

It's all completely unrealistic, but I wish I could actually live in a community like Cedar Cove.  All I see in this day and age is 'me me me' and 'Every man for himself' and 'What's in it for me'.  I don't like it one bit.   I'd love life to take a step back to good old-fashioned morals and family values, but in their absence, I can lose myself in the stories of people that have actually come to seem like real people to me.  I've read all the books in the series but I'll still read them over again! 

Reading up online I see that the series has been made into a TV series for 2013!  I should be excited but I bet UK TV won't pick it up - well, not the channels I subscribe to anyway.  Andi MacDowell takes the role of Judge Olivia Lockhart (later Griffin).

If you haven't seen it, you can see the trailer via the link below, and see what I mean.

Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove - Video | Hallmark Channel


  1. I love your reasons for wanting to live in such a place. I didn't even THINK of fictional places. It sounds delightful.

    1. Doesn't it? Ah, well I couldn't think of anywhere off hand - I'm not very well travelled, I've never been abroad, I'm in the UK and I've never been to Scotland or Ireland even! So typical of me to pick somewhere non-existant, somewhere even with a nice lottery win I couldn't live in :-/

      Thanks for your comment Bethany :-)

  2. Wonderful reasons for wanting to live in Cedar Grove and thank you so much for linking this up with us!! Hope you join us again this upcoming week!! ;)

    1. Thanks Janine, I keep meaning to every week and then - life gets in the way. Oh I'll be linking up this week. One photo is all that one's gonna take... :-/ lol


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