Sunday, 28 October 2012

The Ugly Card and Gift Competition

I don't remember quite how it started... it was one of those private jokes that spiralled out of control.  A few years ago, a family member and I decided we'd look for and exchange the most ugly greetings cards we could find, little did I know how it would develop into this.

A mere birthday card became Christmas cards as well. Then gifts were thrown into the equation.  Then more people wanted in on the action.  Now, in my immediate social circle, it is nigh on impossible to receive a nice greetings card.  Thankfully the ugly gifts are in addition to, not in replacement of, a nice gift.  Here are some of the horrors that have been sent and received by myself over the last few years.  If you see anything that was sent by you, shame on you!  If I sent it to you, I probably won.

Ali's head
Thank you for this from Turkey, Gav...
He doesn't look a thing like Jesus but... someone decided he should be strawberry blonde and then lost interest in painting him before donating to a charity shop.
Another Turkish Gav present.  Thanks :-/
You can stand under my umbrella?  Er, no thank you, I'll take my chances in this monsoon.  You weren't meant to like it H.
Netty and Ali's anniversary present.  Little wicker couple complete with silk flowers.  Awwwwww!
Knowing how much I love snails, this was Lynette's birthday gift to me.
Lethally sharp, and when you wind the wheel up at the front, it plays 'Moon River'.  Repeatedly. For hours on a full wind.  And I mean hours.  Thanks Lloyd.
The ugly frog.  Lynette.
The lethal cow (sharp bits...).  Again thanks Lynette.
The troll plate, that I bought for H&G.  It was a collectors item too, numbered on the back and everything.  And it "Fell off the wall and smashed."  Yes, a likely story.
The old couple made of paper.  The oddest thing I have ever seen in my life.
To understand this. I bought it in Oxfam.  Someone put a FAKE snail on a piece of FAKE iceberg lettuce in an old jam jar.  Oxfam thought it was worth putting out on a shelf.  I thought it was worth buying.  Happy Birthday H.
Helen's Hoppa Shopper.  Which then acted as bridesmaid at her wedding.  But that's another story.

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