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Birthday number 1

Birthday number one, aka the most expensive two months of my year, all four of my children born between the 28th July and the 28th September. The 'baby' turned fifteen yesterday. I don't know where time goes to, I really don't. It doesn't seem like yesterday that we got the full stop to our family. Birthdays have been so underwhelming for these kids lately, I feel so sorry for them. He was really grateful for everything that he had, though, he loved his Friday Night Dinner card, he couldn't stop laughing at it. He had quite a decent amount of money from family, some Nike Air Max 95 from me and his father, two lovely aftershaves from his big brother, and a Hugo Boss and a Stone Island T shirt from his auntie and uncle in Wigan. So, today, all being well, we are going to Broughton for him to have a look around and spend his birthday money, and if there's time, maybe pop into Wrexham to have a look around there, too. Just get away from here for the day.  In ot

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