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Well, we were going to Colwyn Bay on Sunday to watch Crusaders take on Doncaster for less than twelve hours. Bought our tickets online at 8 am, and while we were in Moelfre on Wednesday waiting for the boy to finish football training, we found out that due to local government and local council advice, the game will now be played behind closed doors. This is due to the Delta variant of Covid that is prevalent in the area. Which is all well and good. Sensible, some might say. However, what doesn't make any bloody sense at all, is that we can go to our newly adopted pub near the ground, and sit in there, and watch the livestream of the game on the big screen. There was only 400 tickets on sale as it is. The ground has a capacity of over 6000. It's just nonsense. There has to be some consistency, if a few hundred fans can't stand outside and watch a rugby match safely in a ground with such a large capacity, then I'm sorry, but all the pubs in the area need to be closed unti

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