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End of Summer Update

I genuinely thought that I had posted to announce this, but seemingly, I did not. I am now a Nain to the most beautiful, crafty, clever little man. He has stolen my heart as if I'd given birth to him myself. I am in love, and I don't care who knows it. He enjoys drinking a bottle every thirty minutes or so and acting as if you've starved him when he gulps them down. Fake crying - which is hilarious. His little face scrunches up and he makes the cutest non-convincing cries and then stops after about three seconds to see if there's a bottle waiting for him. Also a fan of punching his Uncle Adam in the face, we actually caught the blur of his fist on camera as his left hook connected with his uncle's jaw, and a look of pure satisfaction on his face as he did it. He has had a sleepover with Nain and Taid already, and he loves having a lavender-scented bath. He has been to his first rugby league match and slept through the whole thing. He likes watching Horrid Henry and

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