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Tacla Taid

Mr G's second day out this week was to Tacla Taid - or The Anglesey Transport Museum. He has wanted to pay this place a visit for years, and although I have to admit, I didn't think it would be my cup of tea... I really enjoyed it. My only regret is that we hadn't visited sooner. The place was well laid out, with hand sanitiser provided on entry, details taken for track and trace, and a one way system through the inside museums. The girls on the cafe counter were both really friendly and helpful, told us where we would exit the museum, and off we went. Upstairs was a floor full of motorbikes. Mr G took a photograph of me with a Sinclair C5. As I was looking through his pictures, I squinted at it. Me: Oh my God, have I got a cameltoe in that photo of me and the C5?Mr G: *shrugs*Me: Please tell me I wasn't walking around looking like that all day.And, dear readers, you will be glad to hear that I wasn't walking around with a cameltoe all day. No. Because upon zooming…

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