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Did we do it? Did we both get our 5 stone awards today? Did we! Mr G lost 3.5 lbs and I, well, I lost 6 lbs. I didn't even lose 6 lbs in my first week. It's my biggest weekly weight loss to date, and although I would have been happy with a round 5 stone, I've now lost 5 stone 3 lb. Which means I'm only 4 lb off my next award... hmm. Five and a half off for Christmas?

There is a matching photograph of me, but I'm still not happy with how I look, unfortunately I still have a massive head (think - extra large pumpkin) and manage to look simple in 99.9% of all photographs taken of me. The one at the awards ceremony was a fluke. It happens about once a decade. That was this decade's.

We wanted 5 stone off for Christmas, we've got it, anything else between now and the 23rd (our last weigh in before Christmas) is a bonus. Then we weigh on the 30th and draw the proverbial line under Christmas and we go back to normal, back on plan 100%.

Tea tonight was the old favo…

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