End of Summer Update

I genuinely thought that I had posted to announce this, but seemingly, I did not. I am now a Nain to the most beautiful, crafty, clever little man. He has stolen my heart as if I'd given birth to him myself. I am in love, and I don't care who knows it.

He enjoys drinking a bottle every thirty minutes or so and acting as if you've starved him when he gulps them down. Fake crying - which is hilarious. His little face scrunches up and he makes the cutest non-convincing cries and then stops after about three seconds to see if there's a bottle waiting for him. Also a fan of punching his Uncle Adam in the face, we actually caught the blur of his fist on camera as his left hook connected with his uncle's jaw, and a look of pure satisfaction on his face as he did it. He has had a sleepover with Nain and Taid already, and he loves having a lavender-scented bath. He has been to his first rugby league match and slept through the whole thing. He likes watching Horrid Henry and Horrible Histories, especially the 'Stupid Deaths' segment. Likes the Ducky Momo theme song from Phineas and Ferb, which has gifted me the moniker Nainie Momo. All in little over five weeks.

I could wax lyrical about him all day long. I miss him when he's not here, and I have more photographs of him on my phone than I'm sure I took of all four of my children as babies (yay for technology, huh?).

His Mum and Dad are doing brilliantly, for such young parents. Very proud of them both. Dad is working full time and Mum is recovering from a caesarian and about to start her final year of college on Monday. We are doing as much as we possibly can, when our daughter comes here while her partner is at work, she falls asleep and we let her, and take over the care duties. Once she is back in college next week and we know her proper timetable we can come to some sort of routine, and maybe have the baby overnight before one of her college days, so she can at least get some sleep for one night. 

My sons had fantastic A Level and GCSE results, the oldest had a distinction, a B and a pass, which was enough to get him accepted onto his Computer Games Design degree at Bangor, and the youngest got 9 C's, 2B's and an A, and started his college course induction today on his Sports Coaching, Development and Fitness course. I couldn't be any prouder if I tried.